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Why I specialize  in smaller intimate weddings?

I am an experienced photographer that knows what one photographer can cover on a wedding day.

 If you are having a huge wedding day production with several locations, hundreds of guest and a large wedding party you are going to need several photographers to be everywhere at all times.  Those  events are exciting, expensive and I love working with other photographers on events of that size but ….

There are so many smaller weddings with smaller budgets and intimate locations with a reception or dinner party that still  need professional photography coverage but without the big photography team and budget.   That is the perfect fit for me.   

Now, no matter how small the event, I have never been to a small wedding.  All weddings are big deals.  Small weddings take just as much planning and timing and creativity as the largest weddings I have photographed. So, I always smile when a couple tells me they are just having a small wedding.  I don’t know what that would be because they are always more than that. They are just as important and just as big in that it is your wedding and your family and your life and that is a big deal.  I treat every wedding as if it is the only wedding and it is as important to me as the biggest weddings in this city.   It’s your wedding. 

A beautiful bridal portrait from late summer. One key portrait that will be a keepsake of your special day. Having a timeline that includes special time for formal portraits like this makes for great images for you to treasure for a lifetime.